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Featured Artist Kassidi Yosko

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The Architecture, Design, and Art Library proudly presents the work of featured artist ‘22-23 Kassidi Yosko. Her exhibit, KASSIFYS Hyperrealism, will be on view until December 2022. 

Drawing saved my life multiple times throughout my life. The journey started when I was a little girl and needed to escape from the negativity of the world. You get lost in drawing; it unintentionally became a form of meditation. Every stroke, every detail, my soul goes into every piece. Each time I improve it’s because I went through something and poured those emotions on the paper. These moments’ drive me to do more. To work longer. The long hours and long months I spend using the pencil on one piece… can’t live without that experience. Hopefully the world can see through my work how passionate I am and just how much I love drawing.

Kassidi Yosko, otherwise known as KASSIFY. 23 years old born and raised in Houston, TX. Been attending UH for 6 years now and in my last year of architecture school. I lost my older brother at the beginning of my college career, then a close friend in the middle, and then my mother a year ago. So outside of architecture I go through so much and art is my ability to get away from all of it. I plan to aim for NYC after graduation for my career in architecture but also so my art can be seen and appreciated on higher levels.

Open Call for Artists 2022-2023

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The Architecture, Design, and Art Library is now accepting student exhibition proposals for the 2022-2023 season. Open call due date is September 30, 2022.  See website for more details