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Featured Artist: Brandon Stelly

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The Architecture, Design, and Art Library proudly presents the work of featured artist ‘22-23 Brandon StellyHis exhibit, The Road to Recovery, will be on view until July 2023. 



My work focuses on how the city of Lake Charles, Louisiana experienced major destruction caused by Hurricane Laura in 2020, and how they are on the verge of recovery. 

Eight months after the massive destruction of Hurricane Laura, I went to Lake Charles, Louisiana to take photographic images of damaged areas, as well as the progress of recovery. Lake Charles experienced a city-wide disaster during the storm. Multiple trees and natural surroundings were destroyed. Parking garages, houses, and buildings were mostly blown away. The Boardwalk at Memorial Park had major damage. Homes had broken doors and windows, along with blown away rooftops. Most of the patios at the pier were covered in water. Roads are still in need of repair, and much more needs to be done. 

During my visit, I noticed that workers are rebuilding. People are continuing their normal activities, sitting at restaurants, going to work, visiting the pier, and so on. They are working towards bringing things back to normal. This is why I called this exhibit the “The Road to Recovery.”  

I am relieved that there are no human casualties from the massive storm. Everyone is willing to continue their daily lives while workers are focusing on rebuilding the damaged areas. It’ll take years until everything is back to normal. We must do whatever we can to prepare for another hurricane disaster. 


Brandon Stelly (born 1996, Lafayette, LA) is currently a Houston based- artist wanting to experience the full outcome of being in the outside world and portray his use of photography/videography as an achievement in the upcoming futureBrandon is currently a student at the University of Houston, in his senior year of the School of Art’s Photography and Digital Media Program. He discovered photography at a young age, when his parents introduced him to his first Nikon camera. Now he hopes to become a professional photographer and inspire future generations. 

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