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Student Art Reception Aug 9th


Come meet, eat & greet Emmanuel Bamtefa during his reception at the Architecture, Design, and Art Library Aug 9th at 12pm. He will be talking about his new exhibit CULTURE FOR THE PEOPLE on view August-October 2019.

“As an artist, I look to introduce life of a certain people that is not familiar to the western world. I want to introduce people to a major people’s way of life through imagery and abstraction using different mediums.

In this exhibition, “Culture for the People” I will focus on abstraction of reality from today’s society coming from my upbringing with the things I learnt from my perspective to things that I felt was necessary to talk about.”

Emmanuel Bamtefa

10 first guests will receive a gift

New Art & Design Supplies

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The Architecture, Design, and Art Library proudly announces its new non-consumable art & design supplies! The goal is to assist students who may have an economic disadvantage or in need of special supplies to complete their projects. Students may check-out these items at the service desk or ask a staff member for assistance.

Supply List:

X-ACTO Knife Sets

Comes with a variety of blade types including straight edge, general purpose, fine point, and scoring blades .

Drawing Boards

Extra large drawing surface 19-3/4″ x 29-1/2″ Adjustable height. Perfect for drawing and sketching.


Aluminum Heavy duty T-squares 36″

Architectural Rulers

Heavy duty: Laser etched scales with high grade black anodized finish.


Produces clean, neat, feather-free, accurate cuts with a single edge razor blade. Included mitre allows accurate 30°, 45° and 60° cuts.

Drafting Ruler Set

Stainless Steel Drafting set includes the following: 12 in. ruler 6 in. 45° triangle 6 in. 30/60° triangle 6 in. protractor.