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How to access the Architecture, Design, and Art Library collection


While the College of Architecture and Design building, which houses the Architecture, Design, and Art Library, remains closed, the library staff will distribute physical library materials to University of Houston students and employees by mail and scanned library materials by email.  UH patrons may contact to request materials from the collection.  Patrons not affiliated with the University of Houston should request materials from their home institution or public library.



Virtual Student Art Exhibit

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Immerse yourself in a virtual art experience from the comfort of your own home. The Architecture, Design, and Art Library presents Inspiration Intention Process by student artist Dario de Leon now on view. Viewers are able to interact with the artwork, listen to his studio play list, and more.


I  was born in 1996 in The Valley, a region comprising the southernmost lands in Texas. A place neither fully Mexican or American, but something in between. Growing up I hated any art that wasn’t a touchstone to academic standards or antiquated beyond belief. In high school I figured out that was because I just didn’t understand how to understand art that wasn’t feeding me a narrative. When I was 17 Basquiat and a national treasure of an art teacher enlightened me and here we are. This year I’m graduating with a degree in art history. I believe as an artist I have an obligation to inspire others, explore what art is and its limits, and create something larger than myself as an individual. Art is too powerful to be squandered on goals of selfish ambition, awards, and achievements; those should come as affirmations of your Intentions.


Student Art Exhibits

Beginning in 2008, the University of Houston Libraries hosted an annual juried exhibit of student artwork, open to all students of all classifications and majors. A jury of professionals from the Houston arts community as well as UH School of Art faculty members selected work which was mounted each spring semester at the M.D. Anderson Library. After spring 2014, the very successful program, moved to the William R. Jenkins Architecture, Design, and Art Library in order to host solo and group exhibits all year-round.

Due dates for Architecture, Design, and Art Library materials have changed

The College of Architecture and Design building, which houses the Architecture, Design, and Art Library, is closed to the public out of concern for the safety of its students and employees.
All due dates for the library materials on loan have been changed until 8/31.  Patrons will not be charged late fees.  Students who have checked out library materials will not be kept from graduating, nor will they be kept from registering for classes in the fall.
Library materials may be returned to the book drop in front the M.D. Anderson Library.