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Moving and repairs


The reconstruction of the Architecture and Art Library has sped up in the past two weeks.  We will begin moving books and journals back into the library during the month of  December.  Furniture and equipment will be gradually replaced in the months afterwards.

In order to supervise the move, we will suspend customer service in room 106F after Wednesday, the 26th.  Beginning next weeks, students should visit the information desk at the M.D. Anderson Library for research assistance.

Students and faculty members may also email the Jenkins librarians directly, but our work in the Jenkins Library will preclude our ability to answer email during the workday.  Responses, therefore, may be delayed.

Due to a renovation at the M.D. Anderson, Interlibrary Loan will be unable to accept new patron requests starting on Monday, Dec. 1.  They will resume normal service on January 5th, 2009.  Requests placed before December 1 will be handled in the normal fashion, so ILL requests for December should be placed before then.

Library books available on campus


About half of the books and bound journals from our library collection are available on campus.  Books within the call number range A-NB from the general collection are on the 4th floor of the M.D. Anderson Library’s blue wing. A moving crew has been working very hard to get these books in order during the past month. While they are not yet in perfect order, many sections are complete and others are close enough to be browsable. All these books may be checked out.

Before you visit another library, come visit the 4th floor. The subject areas covered include: art museums (A), aesthetics (BH), archeology (CC), Classical civilization, art, and culture (DE-DG), Mesoamerican civilization, art, and culture (F), city planning (HD and HT), visual arts and art history (N), architecture (NA), and sculpture (NB).

In addition to the subjects listed above, we have many books from our collection on other subjects available on the 4th floor, though those sections are not complete.

Thank you for your patience during this time.