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Virtual Pop-Up Library + Book Showcase Sept 3

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The Architecture, Design, and Art Library


A Virtual Pop-Up Library & Book Showcase Sept 3 via Instagram

Virtual Pop-Up Library & Book Showcase

In partnership with Blaffer Art Museum’s First Friday Studio Sessions, browse through a selection of curated art books and museum catalogues thematically related to the museum’s current exhibition, Jamal Cyrus: The End of My Beginning. 

Link via Instagram

Time: All-day

Virtual Tour of Jamal Cyrus: The End of My Beginning

Join Katherine Veneman, Curator of Education, on a live-virtual tour of the latest exhibition Jamal Cyrus: The End of My Beginning. Get inspired and learn how to design and album cover. Tours are free and open to the public

Zoom meeting ID: 940 8705 0976 (Passcode: 803409)

Click here to access the meeting

Time: 10am-10:30am

Art Activity 1: “Let’s Weave!” Collage

Art Activity 2: “Design an Album Cover”



The pop-up library program began in 2018 in collaboration with Blaffer Art Museum and the Architecture, Design, and Art Library to introduce students to two-campus resources. Each pop-up consists of curated art books and featured catalogs. Follow and @blafferartmuseum on Instagram for a chance to win free library swag.

First Friday Studio Sessions

Blaffer Art Museum offers Studio Sessions the first Friday of every month during the fall and spring semesters. Students are invited to join drop-in tours and hands-on activities to better connect with current exhibitions. The Blaffer regularly partners with the William R. Jenkins Architecture, Design, and Art Library to a host a pop-up at each event where students can check out art books and supplies.

Get Your Art & Design Supplies!

General Announcements, New Resource, New Service

The Architecture, Design, and Art Library is happy to announces its new non-consumable and consumable art & design supplies! Students may check-out these items at the Service Desk for a period of six-weeks. Get yours while supplies last.


Architectural Drawing Set

A proficient drawing set with a variety of assortments perfect for drafting, it includes:
★ Graphic Compass + Attachments


Architectural Ruler

A heavy-duty laser etched scale excellent for drafting, it includes:
★ 12″ Aluminum Triangle Ruler


Basic Tool Set

A helpful assortment of tools to start any project perfect for modeling, designing, stretching canvas, crafting, wiring, practice safety measures and more, it includes:
★ Round Nose Plier
★ Side Cutter Plier
★ Easy Cutter (Model Making)
★ Safety Glasses
★ Scissors
★ Cut Resistant Gloves
★ Measuring Tape
★ Steel Spring Clamp


Ceramic & Sculpting Set

Premium assortment of ceramic & sculpting tools excellent for clay carving, sculpting, modeling, smoothing, hand building, burnishing, throwing, and scraping, it includes:
★ Rubber Rib
★ Serrated Rib
★ Wood Tool 1
★ Wood Tool 2
★ Pottery Tools
★ Carving & Sculpting Tools


Chopper II

A mighty chopper tool producing accurate cuts perfect for cutting wood and making models, it includes:
★ 7 x 7 ” Cut Base
★ 30°, 45° and 60° Degree Miter Cut Guides


Coloring Pencils

A fantastic set of coloring pencils excellent for sketching and designing, it includes:
★ 24 Pencils


Cutting Mat

The ultimate self-healing mat perfect for designing and crafting, it includes:
★ 11 x 17″ Self-Healing Mat


Drafting Ruler Set

A superior assortment of drafting rulers excellent for drafting, it includes:
★ 12″Ruler
★ 6″45° Triangle
★ 6 ” 30/60° Triangle
★ 6″ Protractor


Drawing Board

An exceptional easel board great for sketching, drafting, and painting, it includes:
★ 19.75 x 29.5″ Portable Sketching/Easel Board


French Curve & Circle Set

A fine variety of curves & circles excellent for designing, it includes:
★ Large & Small Circle Template
★ 5.25″ Curves
★ 6.5″ Curves
★ 8″ Curves
★ 8.5″ Curves
★ 12.5″ Curves
★ 10.25″ Curves


Glue Kit

Excellent assortment of glues great for models, paper crafting, wood making, collaging, repairing, scrap-booking, and more, it includes:
★ Wood Glue
★ Tacky Glue
★ Modeling Glue
★ Balsa & Basswood Glue
★ Foam Glue
★ Glue-All


Palette Knife & Brush Set

Deluxe paint knives & brushes perfect for painting and mixing, it includes:
★ Palette Knives
★ 2″Artist Knife
★ 2″ House Paint Brush
★ No. 8 Flat Brush
★ No. 4 Filbert Brush
★ No. 6 Filbert Brush
★ No. 0 Round Brush
★ No. 1 Round Brush
★ No. 2 Round Brush
★ No. 4 Round Brush
★ No. 4 Bright Brush
★ No. 8 Bright Brush


Parallel Bars

Exceptional parallel bars great for drafting, it includes:
★ 36″ Parallel Straightedge + Attachments


Sketching Markers

Top-Rated color markers with dual-tip perfect for sketching, illustrating, and crafting, it includes:
★ 72 Color Markers


Sketching Pens

Premium pens great for sketching, illustrating, and crafting, it includes:
★ 6 Black Fine Liner Pens


Speedball Linoleum Cutting Tool

A fine assortment of cutting tools perfect for linoleum relief-printing, it includes:
★ 1 Linoleum Cutting Handle
★ No. 1
★ No. 2
★ No. 3
★ No. 5
★ No. 6



An outstanding T-square great for drafting, it includes:
★ 36″ T-Square


Wood Carving Set

Excellent wood carving tools perfect for woodcut relief-printing, it includes:
★ 7 Piece Tool Set


X-ACTO Knife Set

A precise assortment of blades & knives excellent for modelling, designing, and crafting, it includes:
★ 3 Knives
★ 10 Blades

Reserve yours online, click here to request them while supplies last.

William R. Jenkins Architecture, Design, and Art Library Terms & Conditions

→ Supplies are to be returned in good condition.
→ A fee will be added to supplies that are lost or damaged.
→ Supplies must be handled with caution & care.
→ The University of Houston Libraries, it’s officers, agents, employees and students are hereby released from any and all claims, accidents, deaths, or personal injuries that these art & design supplies may cause from the William R. Jenkins Architecture, Design, and Art Library.


In 2019, the Architecture, Design, and Art Library expanded its collection by introducing new art & design supplies available for check-out. The goal was to assist students who would not be able to complete their coursework because they lack access or funding for these supplies. In 2021, the library expanded its supply collection with consumable & non-consumable items.

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Joe Mashburn: A Celebration of His Life


Those wishing to hear the Gerald D. Hines College of Architecture and Design’s celebration of the life of its former dean, Joe Mashburn, may do so here:

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