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Seeking ambassadors for the library


We are looking for student ambassadors, who can advise the library on collections, services and promotions, and help the library communicate with other students and alumni. Spaces are limited to 10 students from each major field of study. We have enough participants from architecture and interior architecture, but are still looking for students in other majors.  Consider joining if you are looking for opportunities to:

· Serve as a student leader.

· Make library services more student-centered.

· Help the librarian develop the library’s print and online collections.

· Build your resume.

· Network with other students and alumni.

· Help your fellow students find and access information needed for their research.

The ambassadors will work with the library staff to develop activities and a schedule for the academic year. We anticipate no more than one meeting a month or less, under normal circumstances.

If you are interested in serving on the first Student Ambassador Board, please contact me at by Thursday, October 31st. Please include the following information in your message:


Email address

Phone number


Classification (freshman, junior, graduate student, etc.)

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