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Newly acquired books on architecture for the Kenneth Franzheim II Rare Books Room


We have recently acquired the following rare and unusual books, catalogs and pamphlets:

The Berlin Iron Bridge Company : office and works, published in 1889

Blue Ridge patterned glass : for office, store, showroom, restaurant and shop modernization, published in 1945  (Features photographs of many offices and businesses that use Blue Ridge patterned glass, including the Tower Petroleum Building in Dallas.)

Continuous tin roofing ; Corrugated iron : [advertisemet] / Caldwell & Peterson Manuf’g Company, published in 1890

M. Macdonald & Co. (Steeplejacks) Ltd. : steeplejacks and lightning conductor engineers., published in 1920

Marqueterie d’art ancien & moderne : pour ameublements, décoration intérieure, agencement et tous usages : exécution de tous assemblages de placages et travaux en toutes matières : garnitures complètes de mobiliers en magasin : [price list], published in 1930 by Raymond Bonnefond  (The company would produce portraits of Lenin and Mussolini in marquetry for 50 nd 45 francs!)

The modern multi-floor garage : with particular reference to d’Humy Motoramps for interfloor travel, published by the Ramp Building Corporation in 1929  (Garages in Austin and Dallas are among those featured.)

Natural wood ornaments : for furniture manufacturers, architects, builders, interior decorators, stair builders, car builders, organ manufacturers, steamboat builders, etc., etc. : manufactured by Wm. B. Gleason & Co., no. 212, Camden Street, Boston, Mass., U.S.A. : illustrated price list, published in 1882

Ornements en zinc, cuivre, tôle, plomb, L. Bonfils & E. Fesquet … Paris., published in 1900

There is only one in-a-dor-bed, the Murphy : The Murphy in-a-dor bed : full size bed through ordinary closet door, published by the Murphy Door Bed Company in 1926

The town of tomorrow : world’s Fair of 1940 in New York.  (Featuring 15 pamphlets, including The Pittsburgh House of Glass, The All-Gas Home, The Minimum Home, and The House of Sheltered Workshops.)

Works in iron : bridge and roof structures : with examples of structures made and erected by Andw Handyside & Co., Derby and London by Ewing Matheson, published in 1877

Some of these will be added to the Home Retail Pamphlet Collection in our Digital Library.

Summer Book Club is back