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National Library Week Celebration April 7-13

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**First come, first serve, while supplies last!**

Pop-Up Library & Book Sale Mar 28th

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New Blaffer Art Museum Partnership

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The William R. Jenkins Architecture, Design, and Art Library is officially announcing its new partnership with Blaffer Art Museum. The new ongoing program features a series of pop-up libraries consisting of curated art books available for check-out and museum catalogs for sale! The goal is to introduce students to two-on campus resources that never knew existed. Pop-ups will be held every last Thursday of the month for Spring and Fall semesters.

Location may vary, stay tuned for updates!

Upcoming Pop-Ups

Thursday, 03/28 from 11am-1pm

Thursday, 04/18 from 4-6pm


For more information you may contact Edith Villasenor ( or Colleen Maynard (


Featured Student Artists 2019-2020

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We are excited to announce the new Architecture, Design, and Art Library  Student Artists for 2019-2020: Tay Butler, Dan Li, Emmanuel Oluwaseyi Bamtefa, and Morgan Stahl. Get ready to immerse into their art!

Tay Butler

Our first student artist is Tay Butler, who is a photographer and collage artist who challenges history and memory and re-purposes archives, found material and original photography to create both familiar and new compositions and perspectives from which to view that history.

Tay Butler is currently a student at the University of Houston, in his senior year of the School of Art’s Photography and Digital Media Block Program. With an expected graduation date of May 2019 and intentions to continue studies after graduation, Tay is consistently building a portfolio of work and exhibitions that include spaces all over Houston, TX like the Blaffer Art Museum, Texas Art Asylum and Noble Artisan.

“American Geographic” on view February-April 2019

Dan Li

Our second artists is Dan Li, who is an artist and art educator from Hong, Kong. She discovered art at a young age and found passion working with watercolors and acrylics.  Inspired by the artist, Claude Monet, she created a series of bright flowers for the upcoming Spring season, in hope, of bringing warmth and happiness to people.

Dan Li is currently a Ph.D. candidate in the Art Education Program at the University of Houston. She holds a Master degree in Contemporary Studio Arts and Criticism in Education and a Postgraduate Diploma in Education (major in Visual Arts and minor in Special Needs) at the Education University of Hong Kong. Her research interests include social justice art education, issues-based art education, critical visual literacy, interdisciplinary art education, and technology in art education.

Student Art Exhibit on view May- July 2019

Emmanuel Oluwaseyi Bamtefa

Our third artist is Emmanuel Oluwaseyi Bamtefa, who is Visual Artist  from New York and of Yoruba descent. He has been active artist since 2012 and is interested in portraiture and figure painting. Bamtefa also likes to play with scale to see how viewers respond to colors in any given space.

Emmanuel Oluwaseyi Bamtefa originally transferred as an architecture student from the Gerald D. Hines College of Architecture & Design, but switched to the  School of Art’s Painting Program at the University of Houston. After graduation,  he does intent to continue his architecture path.

Student Art Exhibit on view August- October 2019

Morgan Stahl

Our last artist is Morgan Stahl, who a designer from Baltimore, Maryland. Her passion for art is what helped her find her future as an architect. She started drawing when she was in 6th grade and hasn’t stopped since.  Her series SYNATHROPIC represents the beautiful relationship between the domestic and the wild.

Morgan is currently a 4th year Architecture student in the Gerald D. Hines College of Architecture and Design at the University of Houston.

Student Art Exhibit on view November 2019- January 2020


If you would like to be the next featured artist for 2020-2021 apply here. For more information contact: Edith Villasenor (

Spring Break Hours

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The Architecture, Design & Art Library will be opening during Spring Break with limited hours:

Saturday 03/09: CLOSED

Sunday 03/10: CLOSED

Monday 03/11: 8am-5pm

Tuesday 03/12: 8am-5pm

Wednesday 03/13: 8am-5pm

Thursday 03/14: 8am-5pm

Friday 03/15:  8am-5pm

Saturday 03/16: 1pm-5pm

Sunday 03/17: 1pm-5pm