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Featured Artist Madeline Mariano

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The Architecture, Design, and Art Library proudly presents the work of featured artist ‘23-24 Madeline Mariano. Their exhibit, In Search of Home: Embracing Your Unique Identity will be on view until May 2024.

My art dives into culture and personal interests, using digital art, acrylic, and silkscreen to show its details. Fueled by a need to express myself, I embrace being real and honoring my roots. Each piece is a story, with symbols that add meaning. By arranging things thoughtfully, I lead you on a visual journey that goes beyond the surface. Blending digital finesse and traditional brushwork, I capture both visuals and the emotional depth of cultural experiences. Essentially, my art pays tribute to the threads that connect humanity, inviting dialogue, introspection, and celebration of our shared identity.

Born in the Philippines and now rooted in lively Houston, Texas, Madeline Mariano guides their creativity with a BA in Arts. Their canvas holds digital art enhanced with mixed media, showcasing their fluid versatility. Delving into universal themes—relationships, culture, identity—Madeline draws inspiration from modernism, contemporary art, and personal experiences. Beyond creation, their process interweaves art with memory, storytelling, dialogue, and introspection. Through screens and canvases, they create emotions and narratives, embodying the roles of memory curators and the complexity of life.


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