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Featured Artist Jailyne España

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The Architecture, Design, and Art Library proudly presents the work of featured artist ‘23-24 Jailyne España . Her exhibit, Art of the Dead, will be on view until December 2023.

The everlasting uncertainty that stemmed from my journey with cancer molded my artistic practice into what it is today. My body of work in traditional painting and printmaking examines feelings of fear, absence, nostalgia, and anticipation through altered light, shadow, texture, and perspective. These reimagined spaces depict different dimensions that exist in between what was and what’s next. I aim for the viewer to step into these transitional spaces and see something that is indirectly familiar to them. To experience triggered emotions that come from memory, like the nostalgia of a childhood home, mourning of a loved one, calmness of a Tuesday afternoon, fear of an empty room, yearning of an unknown place. I use different forms of media as reference for my creative work, which include but are not limited to film and photography. 

Jailyne (Jai) España is a 25-year-old Houston-based artist. She received her BFA in Painting with an Art History minor and is currently pursuing an MFA in Painting at the University of Houston. Jailyne’s influence comes from pop culture, film, photography, and art history. Starting as a self-taught artist, her first solo exhibition in 2018 titled Survivor’s Dream was first displayed at the Bone Marrow Transplant Unit in Texas Children’s Hospital. Jailyne’s artwork was also the face of the 2019 edition of Statewide Conference on Violence Against Women in San Antonio, TX. Her second solo exhibition, Transitional Spaces was shown at the Third Space Gallery in 2021. Jailyne has also been part of the 2022 group show The Subject of Extra Scrutiny at 205 Hudson Gallery in Manhattan, NY. 


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