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Introducing the Jenkins Library Student Ambassadors


A new student organization has formed to support the mission and services of the William R. Jenkins Architecture and Art Library, located within the College of Architecture.  The William R. Jenkins Library Ambassadors are students who are enthusiastic about the library’s collections and services.  They sponsor events and activities that highlight library resources, promote student research, and integrate the art disciplines at the University of Houston.  Each of them receives advanced research training, so they can instruct their fellow students on the use of library resources and communicate the benefits of library use.  They also serve as an unofficial advisory board to the Architecture and Art Librarian, their faculty adviser, who involves them in the planning and improving of services.  The William R. Jenkins Library Ambassadors are an independent student organization, supported by the Center for Student Involvement, with elected officers and regulated by their own constitution.

The Ambassadors are actively seeking new members.  If interested, please contact Joshua Hollie, President, at or visit their website:

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