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Off-Campus Access Restored with CougarNet Authentication


For reasons that have yet to be determined, remote access to the databases became unavailable this past weekend. After much troubleshooting, the only way to resolve the issue was to change the authentication system from PeopleSoft to CougarNet. The decision to do this at this point in the semester was made only because of the otherwise complete loss of remote access. Library IT is still investigating the problem.

With this change, some databases are working fine; others may first give a blank screen and require refreshing the screen to get access; some may not work at all.

If you do not have a CougarNet Account, please see: or stop by the IT Desk in the lobby of the M. D. Anderson Library.

Another option is to download and install the UH VPN tool (Virtual Private Network). This once this is running on your computer, you can get access to resources as if you were on campus.

For more info about the VPN, see:
To download and install the VPN, see:

If you have any questions about this, you can contact Miranda Bennett, Head of Collections,

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