Technology Training Offered at UH Libraries

Starting in January 2014, the University of Houston Libraries will launch a series of technology training courses for the entire UH community.


New technology courses will be taught by Ravi Brahmbhatt, who recently joined UH Libraries as its new technology trainer.

Courses will be taught by Ravi Brahmbhatt, who recently joined UH Libraries as its new technology trainer. He will develop curricula and instruct classes on various software and hardware available at the Libraries.

This position was created to address the need for structured beginning, intermediate and advanced-level technology training at the University of Houston.

The soon-to-be-released spring schedule will include courses on Microsoft Office. Courses are open to all UH students, staff and faculty.

Brahmbhatt will offer a flexible schedule of in-class training during day, evening and weekend hours to accommodate as many users as possible.

After an initial assessment period, Brahmbhatt will schedule a monthly training calendar to include a wide range of technology training in hardware and software, including Adobe Creative Suite and other programs needed for scholarship and research.

Brahmbhatt’s technology teaching philosophy is based on practical, personalized instruction. With so much information to absorb, a classroom setting provides an optimal learning experience because students can ask questions, participate in hands-on exercises and tasks, and get immediate, specific clarification.

This tailored approach to technology teaching gives UH scholars and researchers the opportunity to learn quick tips that will save them time when conducting research, such as streamlined data collection in Excel.

“Our goal is to help students with research support,” said Lee Hilyer, head of Information and Access Services at UH Libraries. “We give students the tools to use their time more effectively in crafting and presenting research.”

Brahmbhatt received his MBA from the University of Houston Bauer College of Business. He has an extensive background in business consulting, marketing and information technology. He has previously served as an adjunct professor of business computer skills at Houston Community College.

For more information on courses and how to register, contact Ravi Brahmbhatt at

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