Biology and Biochemistry Librarian Joins UH Libraries

The University of Houston Libraries welcomes a new biology and biochemistry librarian this month.

Porcia Vaughn joins the UH Libraries from the Southern Methodist University Fondren Library Center. She received her MSIS in health informatics with a specialization in health and clinical information systems and management in 2012.

Vaughn is a member of the American Library Association and the Medical Library Association. She has received numerous awards, including the SMU Central University Libraries Dean’s Eureka Award for creativity, ingenuity and imagination. Her most recent presentation at the South Central Chapter of the Medical Library Association 2012 Annual Meeting was titled Preventing a Chernobyl meltdown: Techniques for managing users’ cognitive load during bibliographic instruction.

“We anticipate that Porcia will bring an energy and passion to Liaison Services,” said Christina Gola, head of liaison services for instruction and outreach. “Her solid background in the biological sciences and health informatics will enable her to effectively communicate with faculty and students to meet their research and teaching needs. Her expertise will also help the libraries support the UH Health Initiative. We look forward to working with her and fostering her success.”

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