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Banned Books Week in the Music Library

Special Event or Display

Banned Books Week is September 25-October 1. During that time, come check out our Banned Music exhibit and see music-related items from our library that were banned throughout history. This year, our exhibit focuses on Banned Band Music. Get it?

Our exhibit focuses on 3 examples of censored band music. The first is Max Roach’s jazz band album, We Insist- Freedom Now Suite. Filled with political activism, it was banned in South Africa for its criticism of a government-led massacre. The next work is Paul Hindemith’s concert band piece, Symphony in B Flat. This work was banned by the Nazi regime during its crusade against so-called degenerate art. The third censored work is John Philip Sousa’s The Wets and the Drys. This satirical piece imagines an interaction between 2 groups of tee-totalers and drinkers. A dry county in New Jersey was not amused by Sousa’s plan to perform this piece.

Our exhibit is part of a nationwide event, Banned Books Week, which annually celebrates the freedom to seek and express ideas, even those considered unorthodox or unpopular. For more information, check out

NEW Music Library Score Policy

Policies and Procedures

display poster steps to skip finesIt is our policy that all library users have access to materials that are complete, UNMARKED, and well-organized. Therefore, in accordance with the UH Libraries Code of Conduct, and as an extension of our Score Clean-Up and Maintenance Project, the Music Library has instituted a fine for each item that is returned to the library with writing and/or markings created by the borrowing patron.


  1. BEFORE you bring an item to the circulation desk for check-out, carefully inspect the score and all parts for markings or damage.
    • Alert Music Library Staff to all markings or damage
    • Pre-existing conditions will be noted, and you will not be held responsible for them when you return the item.
  2. For scores returned to the Music Library with markings and/or damage that has NOT been noted by library staff:
    • A fine of $10 will be applied to your account to cover the cost of erasing and repairing the item
    • If the markings and/or damage are irreparable, you will be charged a replacement fee for the item

Modified Music Library Hours for Sept. 5th

Planned Down Time

The UH Music Library is closed due to Hurricane Harvey. We reopen on Tuesday, Sept. 5 from 9am-6pm. We begin regular hours again on Wednesday, Sept. 6.
Thank you for your understanding.