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New Items for October 2015

New Acquisitions

We have gotten in some wonderful new scores this past month. Be sure to stop by and take a look!

Title Author/ Editor Call #
Recorder Concerto in A minor Domenico Sarri M1134 .R4 S26 2015
Turbulence Juliana Hodkinson M1500 .H683 T8 2015
Liebeszauber Rudi Stephan M1613 .S8 L5 2015
A Treeful of Monkeys Daniel Dorff M1625 .D67 T74 2015
Three Lullabies Lowell Liebermann M214 .L5 op.76 2015
Drei Satze fur Orchester Robert Fuchs M238 .F94 op. 96 2014
Contest and Concert Pieces for Flute and Piano James R. Briscoe M240 .C66 2015
Contest and Concert Pieces for Oboe and Piano James R. Briscoe M245 .C66 2015
Contest and Concert Pieces for Clarinet and Piano James R. Briscoe M248 .C66 2015
Contest and Concert Pieces for Bassoon and Piano James R. Briscoe M253 .C665 2015
Contest and Concert Pieces forHorn and Piano James R. Briscoe M255 .C66 2015
Contest and Concert Pieces for Trumpet or Cornet and Piano James R. Briscoe M260 .C665 2015
Doppia Florence Baschet M287 .B3 D66 2015
Five Little Antiphonies for Amelia Harrison Birtwistle M289 .B566 L58 2015
Fifteen Scottish, Welsh, and Irish Folksongs Joseph Haydn M3.1 .H388 V64 1984
Un Petite Question Sanam Gharacheh M351 .G44 P48 2015
Fannie Bloomdield-Zeisler Beth Abelson Macleod M397 M33 2015
Cape May Breezes Daniel Dorff M557 .D67 C37 2015
Mladi Leoš Janáček M657 J32 M5 2015 Parts
Five Paduans and Galliards a 6 Valentin Haussmann M990 .H38 N4 2015
Understanding the Leitmotif Matthew Bribitzer-Stull ML1700 .B796 2015
Manuscripts and Medieval Song Helen Deeming & Elizabeth Eva Leach ML172 .M36 2015
Meaning and Interpretation of Music in Cinema David Neumeyer ML2075 .N48 2015
Networks of Sound, Style and Subversion Nick Crossley ML3534.6 G7 C76 2015
The Savvy Music Teacher David Cutler ML3795 .C88 2015
Authorship Roles in Popular Music Ron Moy ML3800 .M782 2016
Metaphysics and Music in Adorno and Heidegger Wesley Phillips ML3800 .P455 2015
What Every Musician Needs to Know About the Body Barbara Conable ML3820 .C75 2000
Virtuousi Abroad Kiril Tommoff ML3917 .R8 T66 2015
The Man That Got Away Walter Rimler ML410 .A76 R56 2015
Bach’s Numbers Ruth Tatlow ML410 .B13 T25 2015
The Mythological in the Operas Radmila Paunovic Stajn and Slobdan Lazarevic ML410 .B853 L38 2015
In Search of Julian Carrillo and Sonido 13 Alejandro L. Madrid ML410 .C329 M33 2015
Harmony in Chopin David Damschroder ML410 .C54 D25 2015
Duke Ellington’s Music for the Theatre John Franeschina ML410 .E44 F7 2001
Anthems and Minstrel Shows Brian Christopher Thompson ML410 .L32 T48 2015
Massenet and His Letters: A New Biography Anne Massenet ML410 .M41 M3513 2014
Singing Games in Early Modern Italy Paul Schleuse ML410 .V32 S35 2015
The Words and Music of Elvis Costello James E. Perone ML420 .C685 P47 2015
The Political World of Bob Dylan Jeff Taylor and Chad Israelson ML420 .D98 T39 2015
Music in the Marketplace Samuel Cameron ML43790 .C26 2015
The Piano Works of the Brazilian Composer Marlos Nobre Bernardo Scarambone MT145 .N56 S32 2012
Composing for Moving Pictures Jason M. Gaines MT64 .M65 G35 2015
The Unanswered Question Leonard Bernstein Perm Res MT6 .B45 U6 1976b
Collegium Musicum (Yale University) 2nd Series Nicola Porpora Ref M2 .C64362 v.21
Recent Researches in the Music of the Nineteenth and Early Twentieth Centuries John Goss Ref M2 .R23834 v.66
Recent Researches in the Music of the Renaissance Giovanni Maria Nanino Ref M2 .R2384 v.162
Beethoven Werk-Verseichnis Ludwig van Beethoven Ref ML134 .B4 A18 2014 (v.1 & 2)