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New Items for October 2015

New Acquisitions

We have gotten in some wonderful new scores this past month. Be sure to stop by and take a look!

Title Author/ Editor Call #
Recorder Concerto in A minor Domenico Sarri M1134 .R4 S26 2015
Turbulence Juliana Hodkinson M1500 .H683 T8 2015
Liebeszauber Rudi Stephan M1613 .S8 L5 2015
A Treeful of Monkeys Daniel Dorff M1625 .D67 T74 2015
Three Lullabies Lowell Liebermann M214 .L5 op.76 2015
Drei Satze fur Orchester Robert Fuchs M238 .F94 op. 96 2014
Contest and Concert Pieces for Flute and Piano James R. Briscoe M240 .C66 2015
Contest and Concert Pieces for Oboe and Piano James R. Briscoe M245 .C66 2015
Contest and Concert Pieces for Clarinet and Piano James R. Briscoe M248 .C66 2015
Contest and Concert Pieces for Bassoon and Piano James R. Briscoe M253 .C665 2015
Contest and Concert Pieces forHorn and Piano James R. Briscoe M255 .C66 2015
Contest and Concert Pieces for Trumpet or Cornet and Piano James R. Briscoe M260 .C665 2015
Doppia Florence Baschet M287 .B3 D66 2015
Five Little Antiphonies for Amelia Harrison Birtwistle M289 .B566 L58 2015
Fifteen Scottish, Welsh, and Irish Folksongs Joseph Haydn M3.1 .H388 V64 1984
Un Petite Question Sanam Gharacheh M351 .G44 P48 2015
Fannie Bloomdield-Zeisler Beth Abelson Macleod M397 M33 2015
Cape May Breezes Daniel Dorff M557 .D67 C37 2015
Mladi Leoš Janáček M657 J32 M5 2015 Parts
Five Paduans and Galliards a 6 Valentin Haussmann M990 .H38 N4 2015
Understanding the Leitmotif Matthew Bribitzer-Stull ML1700 .B796 2015
Manuscripts and Medieval Song Helen Deeming & Elizabeth Eva Leach ML172 .M36 2015
Meaning and Interpretation of Music in Cinema David Neumeyer ML2075 .N48 2015
Networks of Sound, Style and Subversion Nick Crossley ML3534.6 G7 C76 2015
The Savvy Music Teacher David Cutler ML3795 .C88 2015
Authorship Roles in Popular Music Ron Moy ML3800 .M782 2016
Metaphysics and Music in Adorno and Heidegger Wesley Phillips ML3800 .P455 2015
What Every Musician Needs to Know About the Body Barbara Conable ML3820 .C75 2000
Virtuousi Abroad Kiril Tommoff ML3917 .R8 T66 2015
The Man That Got Away Walter Rimler ML410 .A76 R56 2015
Bach’s Numbers Ruth Tatlow ML410 .B13 T25 2015
The Mythological in the Operas Radmila Paunovic Stajn and Slobdan Lazarevic ML410 .B853 L38 2015
In Search of Julian Carrillo and Sonido 13 Alejandro L. Madrid ML410 .C329 M33 2015
Harmony in Chopin David Damschroder ML410 .C54 D25 2015
Duke Ellington’s Music for the Theatre John Franeschina ML410 .E44 F7 2001
Anthems and Minstrel Shows Brian Christopher Thompson ML410 .L32 T48 2015
Massenet and His Letters: A New Biography Anne Massenet ML410 .M41 M3513 2014
Singing Games in Early Modern Italy Paul Schleuse ML410 .V32 S35 2015
The Words and Music of Elvis Costello James E. Perone ML420 .C685 P47 2015
The Political World of Bob Dylan Jeff Taylor and Chad Israelson ML420 .D98 T39 2015
Music in the Marketplace Samuel Cameron ML43790 .C26 2015
The Piano Works of the Brazilian Composer Marlos Nobre Bernardo Scarambone MT145 .N56 S32 2012
Composing for Moving Pictures Jason M. Gaines MT64 .M65 G35 2015
The Unanswered Question Leonard Bernstein Perm Res MT6 .B45 U6 1976b
Collegium Musicum (Yale University) 2nd Series Nicola Porpora Ref M2 .C64362 v.21
Recent Researches in the Music of the Nineteenth and Early Twentieth Centuries John Goss Ref M2 .R23834 v.66
Recent Researches in the Music of the Renaissance Giovanni Maria Nanino Ref M2 .R2384 v.162
Beethoven Werk-Verseichnis Ludwig van Beethoven Ref ML134 .B4 A18 2014 (v.1 & 2)

New Items for September 2015

Library Resources, New Acquisitions

September had quite a few new reference and music education resources. Below are some of the items we received last month:

Title Author/ Editor Call #
The Manual of Musical Instrument Conservation Stewart Pollens Ref ML460 .P7 2015
The Oxford Handbook of Applied Ethnomusicology Svanibor Pettan and Jeff Todd Titon Ref ML 3799.2 .O94 2015
Samtliche Werke Richard Wagner Ref M3 .W23 Bd.1 pt.3
Jahrgang Ohne Recitativ Georg Philipp Telemann Ref M3 .T4 Bd.55
Barytontrios Joseph Haydn Ref M3 .H462 Reihe 14 Bd.5
Coronation Anthems Georg Friedrich Handel Ref M3 .H26 ser.3 Bd.10
Sacred Works Dietrich Buxtehude Ref M3 .B89 1987 v.1
Ballette II Paul Hindemith Ref .H62 F6 v.1 no.13
Child Song Chinary Ung Oversize M382 .U6 C45 1985
Symphony No. 3 Soren Nils Eichberg Oversize M1001 .E343 no.3 2015
Conducting Technique Brock McElheran MT85 .M125 1989
The Structure of Singing Richard Miller MT825 .M646 1996
Voice Studies Konstantinos Thomaidis and Ben Macpherson MT820 .V6253 2015
Solutions for Singers Richard Miller MT820 .m5993 2004
Vocal Development Through Organic Imagery William D. Leyerle MT820 .L63 1986
A Spectrum of Voices Elizabeth Blades-Zeller MT820 .B63 2003
Concert Etudes Mike Svoboda MT465 .S96 C66 2014 v.1
Extended Flexibility Raymond Mase MT445 .M377 2014
Pint-Sized Kevin Volans MT243 .V64 P56 2014
Reconceiving Structure in Contemporary Music Judy Lochead MT140 .L55 2016
The Political World of Bob Dylan Jeff Taylor and Chad Israelson ML420 .D98 T39 2015
Goethe und Beethoven Romain Rolland ML410 .B4 R69 1928
Popular Music and Cultural Policy Shane Homan, Martin Cloonan, and Jen Cattermole ML3916 .P66 2015
Tuning and Temperament J. Murray Barbour ML3809 .B234 2004
Gongs & Pop Songs Jennifer A. Fraser ML3758 .I537 S83 2015
Music in the Early Twentieth Century Richard Taruskin ML197 .T28 2010
Teaching Stravinsky Kimberly A. Francis ML 423 .B52 F73 2015
Divertimento for 8 Mario Davidovsky M847 .D377 D58 2015
Duese Peces Per a Contrabaix Sol Pere Soto M57 .S68 P5 2013
Quintetto per achi Krzysztof Penderecki M552 .P45 Q7 2015
Saxoponquartett Georg Friedrich Haas M457.2 .H2 S33 2015
Military March No 2 Peter Maxwell Davies m452 .D257 M54 2015
Two Violins Gerard Schurmann M287 .S378 T86 2015
Doubletake Charles Wuorinen M25 .W857 D68 2014
Negy Sirato Enek Bela Bartok M25 .B29 S5 1950b
Minstrels aus Preludes I fur Violine und Klavier Claude Debussy M223 .D28 P75 2014
Labora Vi In Gemitu Meo Thomas Morley M2092 .R65 S35 2015
Matinas de Sexta-Feira Jose Joaquim Emerico Lobo de Mesquita M2014.6 .M47 M38 2010
Ladainha de N.S. Das Dores Jose Mauricio Nunes Garcia M2014.6 .G37 L3 2010
65 Songs Samuel Barber M1620 .B248 A2 2010
A Little Night Music Stephen Sondheim M1508 .S66 L48 2010
Undine E.T.A. Hoffman M1500 .H688 U6 2015 v.1 and v.2
Vorspiel zu Tristan und Isolde Richard Wagner M1160 .W24 T74 2015
Sight-Reading Pieces for Harp James R. Briscoe M116 .S53 2012

Artists’ Health and Wellness Event

Special Event or Display

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The University of Houston Libraries and its partners are excited to host the first Artists’ Health and Wellness Colloquium and Resource Fair on Saturday, October 3rd, 2015.  This event will introduce resources and techniques that support the wellbeing of visual and performing artists through talks, demonstrations, and conversation.   The event is free and is open to the university community, as well as the general public.  It will provide an opportunity for students, community members, and wellness providers to create ongoing relationships for future support and enrichment.

The morning colloquium will offer a keynote speech from members of the Center for Performing Arts Medicine (CPAM) at Houston Methodist. Directly afterwards, there will be four separate breakout sessions on topics of Care of the professional voice, Physical conditioning for performance, Performance anxiety, and a Research Panel offering historical and trending perspectives on the intersection of art and health science. Aspiring and working artists will learn techniques for maintaining good health and ways to avoid over-stressing the body as they practice their art. The colloquium has a limit of 100 registered attendees and a light lunch will be provided.

The day will culminate with a two hour resource fair, so that attendees can learn about community and campus resources. Multiple community and health organizations will be represented with information on their services to artists, and  CPAM will have a table for attendees to sign-up for their Artist’s card. There is no limit to the attendees for the fair.

Saturday, October 3, 2015
University of Houston
MD Anderson Library, Elizabeth D. Rockwell Pavilion
9:00 am – 3:30 pm

For more information, or to register, visit

New Items for August 2015

Library Resources, New Acquisitions

We received a large amount of CDs in August. Here is a highlight of some of our new items in the Music Library:

Title Author/Composer/Perfomer Call Number
The Swan; The Cello Sonatas; Allegro Appassionato Camille Saint-Saiens; Andre Navarra; Annie D’Arco CD 15840
Gender Wayang Music of Bapak I Wayan from Sukawati, Bali Bapak I Wayan Loceng CD 15849
Rarities Vol. 2 (Arias for Soprano) Various Artists CD 15851
Der Rosenkavalier Richard Strauss; Bernard Haitink CD 15853
Rockin’ Bones Various Artists CD 15854
Fear of a Black Planet Public Enemy CD 15855
Lazaretto Jack White CD 15859
Silvana Carl Maria von Weber; Ulf Schirmer: Michaela Kaune CD 15882
Kurt Weill Edition Vol. 1 Jan Latham-Konig; Kurt Weill CD 15887
Milton Babbitt: A Composers’ Memorial 28 Compositions in Memoriam Various Artists CD 15890
Salome Richard Strauss; Joseph Keilberth CD 15901
Bartok: Peasant Jewels Bela Bartok; Sylvia Parker CD 15927
Quadromania w.A. Mozart; The Barchet Quartet CD 15946
Legend of Love: A Ballet in Three Acts Arif Melikov; Moscow Radio Symphony Orchestra; Valery Gergiev CD 15968
The All-Star Orchestra Programs 1 & 2 Gerard Schwarz; Stravinsky; Ravel; Sheng; Beethoven; Glass DVD 0924
Glass: A Portrait of Phillip in Twelve Parts Scott Hicks; Phillip Glass DVD 0926
Kosove Through the Eyes of Local Romani (Gypsy) Musicians (DVD) Svanibor Pettan DVD 0927
Einstein on the Beach: The Changing Image of Opera Mark Obenhaus; Phillip Glass; Robert Wilson DVD 0928
Vltava Bedrich Smetana M 1002.S638 M38 2015b
Il Guarany: Opera Ballo In Quattro Atti Carlos Gomes, Antonio Scalvini M 1503.G65 G8 2015s
Rarities: Arias for Soprano, vol. 2 Various Composers M 1507.R372 2014
Complete Organ and Keybord Works Jan Sweelinck M 7.S98 R3 2003 v.4 pt. 2
Muisc and the Exotic from the Renaissance to Mozart Ralph P. Locke ML 160.L69172 2015
Tactus, Mensuration, and Rhythm in Renaissance Music Ruth Deford ML 174. D37 2014
Kosove Through the Eyes of Local Romani (Gypsy) Musicians Svanibor Pettan ML 3511.K67 P48 2014
The Underground is Massive Michaelangelo Matos ML 3540.5.M38 2015
The Mystery of Chopin’s Preludes Anatole Leikin ML 410.C54 L35 2015
The Third Symphony of Charles Ives Mark Zobel ML 410.I96 Z63 2009
The Modern Castrato Patricia Howard ML 420.G9158 H69 2014
Improvising Early Music Ed. Dirk Moelants ML 430.7.I466 2014
Kodaly in the Kindergarten Classroom Micheal Houlahan; Philip Tacka MT 1.H837 2015
Arranging for Horns Jerry Gates MT 73.5.G38 2015
Gender Wayang Music of Bapak I Wayan Loceng from Sukawati, Bali Ed. Brita Renee Heimarck Ref M 1824.I5 G366 2015
Leipziger Mendelssohn-Ausgabe/Instrumentalkonzerte/Band 5 Felix Mendelssohn Bartholdy Ref M 3.M23 Ser. 2 Bd. 5
Leipziger Mendelssohn-Ausgabe/Kammermusikwerke/Band 2 Felix Mendelssohn Bartholdy Ref M 3.M24 Ser. 3 Bd. 2
Leipziger Mendelssohn-Ausgabe/Elias/MWV A 25/Fruehfassungen Felix Mendelssohn Bartholdy Ref M 3.M25 1997 Ser. 6 Bd. 11A
Leipziger Mendelssohn-Ausgabe/Weitere geistliche Vokalwerke Felix Mendelssohn Bartholdy Ref M 3.M25 1997 Ser. 6 Bd. 6
Schumann Complete Works: Symphony 4 op. 120 Robert Schumann Ref M3.S39 1991 Ser. 1 Serkgr. 1 Bd. 4


First Week Welcome

Help!, Library Resources


Whether you are new to UH or are a returning student, the first few weeks of school are exciting (and maybe a little overwhelming)! Here are some helpful links that will get you started with your music research and make sure you have the tools to make the 2015-16 academic year the best one yet!

Visit our Facebook page at to get weekly highlights on new collection items, events, and music news.

New Items for July 2015

New Acquisitions

Here is a selection of items that we received in July:

Title Author/Composer/Perfomer Call Number
La Musica en el Peru Ed. Patronato Popular y Porvenir Pro Musica Clasica Ref ML 236.M87 1988
Recercate for Viol and Harpsichord Ortiz, Diego M 3.1.078 R4 2014
A Charles Ives Omnibus Burk, James M. ML 134.I9 B87 2008
Charles Ives: Discography Warren, Richard Jr. ML 156.5.I9 W3
Ohne Worte: Vocality and Instrumentality in 19th Century Music Ed. William Brooks ML 196. T67 2014
Nuestros otros ritmos y sonidos: la musica clasica en el Peru Malaga, Armando Sanchez ML 236.S26 2012
Chilean New Song: The Political Power of Music, 1960s-1973 McSherry, J. Patrice ML 3487.C55 M37 2015
The Pop Festival Ed. George McKay ML 35.P66 2015
Fiesta de diez pesos Morad, Moshe ML 3917.C9 M68 2014
Experiencing Tchaikovsky: A Listener’s Companion Schroeder, David ML 410. C4 S37 2015
Tears into Wine Chafe, Eric ML 410.B13 C46 2015
Wagner, Schuman, and the Lessons of Beethoven’s Ninth Reynolds, Christopher A. ML 410.B42 R49 2015
The Other Wolrds of Hector Berlioz Van Rij, Inge ML 410.B5 V36 2015
Music Apps for Musicians and Music Teachers Axford, Elizabeth C. ML 74.3A96 2015
Musical Childhoods: Explorations in the pre-school years Ed. Nyland, Berenice et. al. MT 1.M987363 2015
Engaging Musical Practices: A Sourcebook for Instrumental Music Ed. Burton, Suzanne L; Alden H. Snell MT 170.E54 2015

New Items for June 2015

New Acquisitions

June was the month for reference section additions. View the list of selected items below to see what is new in reference, as well as our regular circulating items:

Title Author/Composer/Perfomer Call Number
The Cambridge History of World Music ed. Philip V. Bohlman REF ML3545 .C26 2013
The Insiders Guide to Music Licensing Brian Tarquin REF ML 3795. T37 2014
Richard Wagner, Samtliche Werke, Band 2, 1: Das Liebesverbot, oder: Die Novize von Palermo Richard Wagner REF M3 .W23 Bd. 2 pt. 1
Franz Schubert Neue Ausgabe semtlicher Werke Serie II, Band 9: Rosamund Furstin von Cypern Franz Schubert REF M3 .S38 Ser. 2 Bd. 9
Arnold Schonberg Samtliche Werke, Abteilung VI, Kammermusiki, Reihe B, Band 23, 1: Teil 1, Serenade op. 24 Arnold Schonberg REF M3 .S36 Bd. 23, T. 1, Reihe B
New Edition of the Complete Works of Franz Liszt, Volume 10: Consolations, Grand Solo de Concert, and other Works Franz Liszt REF M3 .L773 Suppl. 1, v. 10
Carl Philipp Emanuel Bach, The Complete Works, Series III, Volume 4.2: Flute Concertos II Carl Philipp Emanuel Bach REF M3 .B103 2005 ser. 3 v. 4.2
Robert Schumann, New Edition of the Complete Works: Series II-Chamber Works, Group 3 – Works for Different Instrumetns and Piano Robert Schumann REF M3 . S39 1991 Ser. 2 Werkgr.
Recent Researches in the Music of the 19th and Early 20th Centuries:
Un avvertimento ai gelosi
Manuel Garcia, ed. By Teresa Radomski REF M2 .R23834 v.65
Recent Researches in the Music of the Classical Era, Vol.96:
Two Operas from the Series Die zween Anton
Edited by David J. Buch REF M2 .R2381 v.96
Recent Researches in Music of the Baroque Era:
Sacra Corona (Venice, 1656)
Edited by Paolo Alberto Rismondo REF M2 .R238 v.189
Musica Britannica, A National Collection of Music, XCVIII: Richard Dering, Motets and Anthems Richard Dering REF M2 .M638 v. 98
The 35 Piano Sonatas (v. 1-3) Beethoven, Ludwig van REF M 23.B414 C66 2007 v. 1-3
The 35 Piano Sonatas (Commentary v. 1-3) Beethoven, Ludwig van REF M 23.B414 C66 2007 Commentary v. 1-3
Symphony No. 10 Philip Glass Oversize M1001 .G48 no.10 2015
Concertos and Choral Works: Selections from Essays in Musical Analysis Donald Francis Tovey MT90 .T59 2015
Symphonies and Other Orchestral Works: Selections from Essays in Musical Analysis Donald Francis Tovey MT125 .T69 2015
Arranging for the Concert Band Frank Erickson MT 73.E74 1983
Rock’n America: A Social and Cultural History Deena Weinstein ML3534.W45 2015
Opera and Modern Specatorship in Late Ninteenth-Century Italy Alessandra Campana ML1733.4 .C36 2014
Japanese Singers of Tales: Ten Centuries of Performed Narrative Alison McQueen Takota ML1451 .J3 T65 2015
Capturing Music: The Story of Notation Thomas Forrest Kelly ML 431.K45 2015
Leonard Bernstein and His Young People’s Concerts Alicia Koffstein-Penk ML 410.B566 K66 2015s
Bolivian Music for Guitar Quartet Willy Claure M467 .C64 B65 2014
Two Duos for Bassoon and Violoncello Pelle Gudmundsen-Holmgreen M291 .G84 D8 2015
Qui Sedes Gaetano Donizetti M2103 .D66 Q5 2013
Ave Maria for Soprano Solo, SATB Choir, and Organ Jules Grison M2079 .L16 G74 2014
Boogie, op. 79b, for piano four-hands and siren Olga Magidenko M204 .M344 op.79b 2014
Polish Requiem: for four soloists (SATB), two mixed choirs and orchestra Krzysztof Pendercki M2010 .P41 R5 2015
Glare, a Chamber Opera Soren Nils Eichberg M1503 .E33 G56 2014
Complete Piano Concertos 1-4 and Rhapsody on a Theme by Paganini Sergei Rachmaninoff M1011 .R16 C65 2014
Six Trio Sonatas, BWV 525-530 Bach, J.S. M 314. B3 BWV 525-530 2011
How I Got Over Nicole Boxer DVD 0921
Mozart, Ives, Verdi Schumann Quartett CD 15835
Macmillan, Maxwell Davies, Beamish Gould Piano Trio CD 15834
Secret Music for Albrecht V Musica Reservata CD 15830
L’Ormindo Francesco Cavalli CD 15820
Fantasia Baroque: Improvisations on Bach, Bertali, and Pasquini Aleksandra and Alexander Grychtolik CD 15810
Comedie et Tragedie, volume one: Orchestral Music for the Theatre Lully, Rebel, Marais CD 15808
Oddities and Trifles: The Very Peculiar Instrumental Music of Giovanni Valenti Acronym CD 15803
Heinrich Wilhelm Ernst: The Virtuoso Violin Thomas Christian CD 15796
Markuspassion: Reinhard Keiser Ensemble Jacques Moderne CD 15795
Steffani Vocal Chamber Duets Elena Bertuzzi, Alessio Tosi CD 15791
A Brief History of Time Philip Glass CD 15784
Sweete Musicke of Sundrie Kindes: English Consort Music from the 16th and 17th Century The Royal Wind Music CD 15777

New Items for May 2015

New Acquisitions

We got quite a few new items in during May. Here is a selection of what came in:

Title Author/Composer/Perfomer Call Number
The Philadelphia Orchestra: An Annotated Discography Richard Kaplan REF ML156.7 .P52 K37 2015
Sourcebook for Wind Band and Instrumental Music Frank L. Battisti, William Berz, Russ Girsberger REF ML128 .I65 B38 2014
Monumentos de la Musica Espanola, Vol. 81:
Piezas Para Clave, Organo, y Piano en Dos Cuadernos Miscelaneos Espanoles Del Siglo XIX
ed. Celestino Yanez Navarro REF M2 .M4846 v.81
The Complete Marching Band Resource Manual, Third Edition Wayne Bailey, Cormac Cannon, Brandt Payne MT733.4 .B35 2015
The Renaissance Ethics of Music: Singing, Contemplation, and Musica Humana Hyun-Ah Kim ML3921.2 .K56 2015
The Semantics of Chinese Music: Analyzing selected Chinese musical concepts Adrian Ten ML3877 .T55 2015
Queerness in Heavy Metal Music: Metal Bent Amber R. Clifford-Napoleane ML3838 .C55 2015
Out of Time: Music and the Making of Modernity Julian Johnson ML3800 .J63 2015
Traumstuck Reverie for double bass solo Jan Muller-Wieland M57 .M95 T7 2013
Marian Tropes for String Quartet Charles Wuorinen M452 .W97 M37 2010
Mosaique for String Quartet Karol Beffa M452 .B43 M68 2014
Tre Piccoli Notturni, op. 24 per due flauti e chitarra Ferdinando Carulli M377 .C375 op.24 2014
The Wild Horseman, from Schumann’s “Album for the Young” Robert Schumann M293 .S39 A4 no.8 1967
Danse Macabre, op. 40: arranged for harp duet by Erin Freund Camille Saint-Saens M293 .S24 D36 2014
Harp Duo Jan F. Fisher M293 .F58 H37 1990
Nocturnes Erik Satie M25 .S3 N6 no.1-5
Whirling Udumbara I & II for piano Xuntian He M25 .H42 W48 2014
Gott, man lobet dich in der Stille Johann Sebastian Bach M2020 .B16 BWV120 2015
Miserere for 3 Sopranos and “Baroque” instruments Thierry Pecou M2018 .P38 M58 2014
Missa Brevis St. Joannis de Deo, “Little Organ Mass” arraned for female choir Joseph Haydn M2010 .H417 H. XXII 7 2015
Piano Duets: American Composers ed. Michael Aston M200 .A5 2014
Estrela e lua Nova, for SATB a cappella Arr. Heitor Villa-Lobos M1579 .V4586 E8 2015
Schicksalslied, op. 54 Johannes Brahms M1530 .B8 S22 2014
The Queen of Spades: Opera in Three Acts, Seven Tableaux P. Tchaikovsky M1503 .C44 P5 2010
Es ist ein Ros entsprungen (Lo, How a Rose E’er Blooming) for String Orchestra Jan Sandstrom M1145 .S233 E78 2015
Invitation to Dance Directed by Christian von Tippelskirch and Simi Linton DVD0918
Flex Kings Directed by Deidre Schoo and Michael Beach Nicols DVD0915

New Items for April 2015

New Acquisitions

Here is a highlight of some of the new items in the Music Library for April:

Title Author/ Editor Call #
A Yearbook of the History of Music Stanley Boorman Ref ML5 .M722 v.58 2013
Broadway, Movie, TV, and Studio Cast Musicals on Record Richard Chigley Lynch Ref ML 156.4 M8 L96 1996
Ethnic and Vernacular Music, 1898-1960 Paul Vernon Ref ML 156.4 F5 V47 1995
The Great Jazz Interviews Frank Alkyer and Ed Enright ML3506 .D69 2009
The Castrato Martha Feldman ML1460 .F45 2015
Selected Organ Works Johann Ludwig Krebs M7 .K87 F75 2012 v.3
86. Quintett in F-dur fur Violinen, Viola, und 2 Violoncelli Giuseppe Cambini M552 .C36 no86 2013
Violoncello totale Krzysztof Pendericki M52 .P46 V55 2011
Scottish Folk Tunes Barrie Carson Turner M38.5 .S44 2013
Trio fur Flote, Oboe und Fagott op. 86 Julius Rontgen M357.2 .R654 op.86 2014
Six Trio Sonatas, Opera III Luigi Boccherini M351 .B663 G.119-124 2014 v.4
Schumann’s Works for Chorus and Orchestra Robert Schumann M3.1 .S39 C5 2014
Encantacion Jesus Gonzalez M297 .G66 R4 2014
Top o’ the Millennium Peter Schickele M287 .S34 T67 2014
Ten dances old and new for young players Sir Charles Villiers Stanford M25 .S73 op.58 2014
Spinnerlied Richard Wagner & Franz Liszt M25 .L77 S65 2013
Preludes Claude Debussy M25 .D42 P7 2014
Romantic Pieces Antonin Dvorak M221 .D86 op. 75 2014
Oeuvres Pour Piano Francis Poulenc M22 .P87 O47 2014
Music for Piano Darius Milhaud M22 .M6 O4 2014
Messa da Requiem Giuseppe Verdi M2013 .V47 R45 2014
Solomon George Frideric Handel M2003 .H14 S57 2014
American Aria Anthology Richard Walters M1507 .A543 2004
20th Century Masterpieces for Guitar M126 .C48 2014
Oboe Concerto in A minor Joham Friedrich Fasch M1122 .F36 A min. 2014
Flute Concerto in D Major Johann Melchior Molter M1120 .M65 MWV6.17 2014
Trois Esquisses Victor Fenigstein M1118 .F46 E8 2013
Violakonzert G-dur Georg Philipp Telemann M1115 .T44 C6 G maj 2014
6 Echo-Fantasien Jan Pieterszoon Seelinck M11 .S95 F36 2014
Mysteries William Bolcom M11 .B695 M9 2014
Trois Esquisses Musicales Georges Bizet M11 .B63 E8 2014
Concerto No.3 in C Minor Ludwig van Beethoven M1010 .B41 op.37 2014
Requiem and Messe in D Charles Gounod and Antonin Dvorak CD 15709
Symphony No. 6 & 7; Night Voyage Christopher Gunning CD 15707
A Cambridge Mass Ralph Vaughan Williams CD 15706
Sinfonietta Johan Wagenaar CD 15704
Contemplations Oliver Messiaen CD 15691
Tango! Isabelle van Keulen Ensemble CD 15685
Cello sonata Prokofiev. Cello concerto no. 2 Isabelle van Keulen Ensemble CD 15682
The Roaring Twenties Calefax and Cora Burggraaf CD 15680
Theatrical Music for Solo Percussion CD 15679
Pandora’s Box Arditti Quartet CD 15674
Marimba Concertos Anders Koppel CD 15670
In the Sea of Iona Daniel Lentz CD 15669
Orgelwerke Rudolf Maursberger CD 15667
Piano quartet, op. 29 ; Sonata for violoncello & piano, op. 19 Georg Schumann CD 15663
Motets Johann Heinrich Rolle CD 15660
Guitar Solo Andrzej Mokry CD 15655
Chant Missa Latina CD 15652

New Items for March 2015

New Acquisitions

Here is a highlight of some of the new items from March that we have in the Music Library:

Title Composer/Performer/Author Call #
Manuel de Falla Manuel de Falla CD 15561
The Argentinian Album Amsterdam Sinfonietta CD 15590
Six String Quartets Bartolomeo Campagnoli CD 15594
Livre du Saint Sacrement pour orgue Oliver Messiaen CD 15604
Ponce: Complete Guitar Music Gerard Abiton CD 15607
1865 Anonymous 4 CD 15613
Chamber Works Vol. 1 Krzysztof Penderecki CD 15618
Symphonies, no. 7 Dmitriĭ Dmitrievich Shostakovich CD 15622
String quartet no. 3 Robert Schumann CD 15623
Quartets Camille Saint-Saëns CD 15626
Escualo Astor Piazzolla CD 15628
Konzerte Maria Cecilia Munoz and Sarah O’Brien CD 15631
Gramola Richard Strauss CD 15633
HMS Pinafore New D’Oyly Carte Opera CD 15634
Rameau – Ligeti Cathy Krier CD 15642
Scheherazade Zurich Ensemble CD 15647
Chant Missa Latina CD 15652
Perfect Strangers Heiner Goebbels & Frank Zappa CD 15658
Marimba Concertos Anders Koppel CD 15670
Heart & Soul Matthew Dirst CD 15675
Madama Butterfly Giacomo Puccini DVD 0611
Tupac: Resurrection Tupac DVD 0903
Performance Practices in Early 20th Century Piano Music Maurice Hinson DVD 0906
6 Fantasias for Guitar M126 .V69 2014
Jigs, Reels, & Hornpipes Edward Huws Jones M1738 .J54 2014
African Songs Abdullah Ibrahim M25 .A14 A45 2014
Piano Trio: Los Ojos Simon Holt M312 .H74 T7 2014
Choral music : a research and information guide Avery T. Sharp and James Michael Floyd. ML128.C48 S53 2011
Ethnomusicology : a research and information guide Jennifer C. Post. ML128.E8 P67 2011
The madrigal : a research and information guide Susan Lewis Hammond. ML128.M2 L49 2011
Spirituals : a multidisciplinary bibliography for research and performance by Kathleen A. Abromeit. ML128.S4 A27 2015
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