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New Historic Maps Digital Collection

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Reynold's Political Map of the United StatesCheck out Special Collections’ newest project in the UH Digital Library!

The Historic Maps digital collection contains 30 maps from Houston and Texas, dating from 1840 to 1956. Included are maps of Camp Logan, the World War I-era Army training camp that was the site of a 1917 race riot. A map from 1904 shows cross sections of the Galveston sea wall, and an 1890s map of the Houston Heights features illustrations of residential and public buildings.

Not all the maps are focused on the Houston area.  A Texas map from 1876 shows the boundaries of Indian Territory and has insets of Austin and Galveston, and a 1881 map of the Southwest shows the major railroads and gives information about land area and crops. “Reynolds’s Political Map of the United States” from 1856 depicts all the free and slave states and territories of the Union at the time of the second Missouri Compromise.

But that’s not all! Take a look at this great collection in the Digital Library, or visit Special Collections to see them in person.

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