New URL for Libraries website

The Libraries website is now found at


The site is also now built on WordPress instead of Drupal, and has been given multiple design changes.

In this post:

  • Content & IA updates
  • Future work

The last 8 months have been spent planning, designing, and building the Libraries website from the ground up in WordPress.

The previous Drupal site was several updates behind and was difficult to update.

The new WordPress addresses a large number of accessibility errors and is completely responsive to screen size.

Development work was completed by J Fisher, Web Project Manager, and Keith Komos, Technical Lead.

Content and IA updates

The information architecture of the site has been updated. This new IA has been written about in a previous blog post.

Most content on is the same as it was on

The most important new content on the site is space content. It is common knowledge at UH Libraries that space is critical to users, especially in MD Anderson Library.

The old website did very little to help users find study space. Now, there is an entire Spaces & Rooms category to discover space, and pages have been created/updated according to space types (e.g. Group Study Rooms, Individual Study Carrels).

Future work

This new website is not a completely finished produce.

Work will continue on the Libraries website, especially considering the relative freedom the new WordPress CMS gives to updating templates.

Updates to the design of the Libraries website will be more frequent and incremental.

User data collected from the new User Cafe will also be used to determine pain points in the current experience and determine current gaps.