Site reorganization, fall 2020

The site,, was reorganized in August.

Previously, our main site categories were:

  • Find & Search
  • Services
  • Spaces & Rooms
  • Libraries & Collections

Now, they are:

  • Search
  • Borrow
  • Research & Learning
  • Spaces & Technology

This reorganization was supported by evidence collected from tree-testing earlier this year. Both trees tested fairly well. I chose this organization, where “Search” and “Borrow” are separated, so that they might grow long-term without getting jumbled.

“Services” has now been phased out in favor of more descriptive categories. No more junk drawer.

We also now have “Research & Learning,” which is a new type of category for us about our research and instruction services. I expect lots of work on content in this category in the months ahead.