Ticket analysis, fall 2019 semester

I recently analyzed all the user tickets during the fall 2019 semester.

By “user tickets” I mean messages sent using our main Contact Us queue.

The goals of this analysis:

  • Find the most common questions users ask us about
  • Understand how the Contact Us form is used
  • Find areas of future work

In this post:

  • Method
  • Results
    • Who answered the most tickets
    • Where tickets came from
    • Ticket topics
  • Notes and observations
    • Comparison with last year
  • Next steps
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Welcome to 2020

I was pretty happy with my blogging output last year.

But, still: Smaller posts and more of them.

This year, I plan to share:

  • Completed projects and updates
  • Incomplete projects in-progress. I didn’t do this as much last year even though many projects remain on-going
  • Updates from me — articles, presentations, reflections

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