Contact Us update, summer 2019

This week I pushed an update to our Contact Us page.

The design of this page has been relatively unchanged since before I even started here at UH.

Data for this update was mainly the ticket analysis I conducted earlier. Time was needed for some content auditing and stakeholder wrangling.

A new set of FAQs is integrated at the top of the main content rather than in a link off to the side. These are meant to answer common remedial questions that shouldn’t require submitting a ticket.

Below that are sections for a new Experts page (which I’m hoping will be a key part of several user flows moving forward) as well as the Research Services page. These are meant to cover another chunk of common questions — reference, accessing articles, getting help with tools, etc.

Then, we have the actual contact form beneath, where users can submit tickets for questions not addressed anywhere else.

This update is just one small step toward enhancement. I’ll be monitoring tickets for the upcoming semester along with other data to track how this design performs and will make future updates accordingly.

Webpage TLC, summer 2019

I’ve updated a few pages on our site this summer in need of some TLC, mostly pages relating to library space.

Pages updated include:

Most of the changes were made to improve the visual hierarchy and scannability of each page. Less grafs, more lists, and better hyperlinks.

I also made some changes for the sake of promoting spaces. Before, the TCR was only a few grafs on the Learning Commons page. Now, the TCR has its own page, making it easier to find.