Ticket analysis, fall 2018 semester

I recently analyzed all the support tickets sent to the Libraries during the fall 2018 semester.

By “support tickets” I mean all the questions sent to us via our main Contact Us form.

The goals of this analysis:

  • Find the most common questions users ask us about
  • Understand how the Contact Us form is used
  • Find edge cases and fixable web issues
  • Find areas of future work

In this post:

  • Method
  • Results
  • Notes and observations
  • Things to fix
  • Future ideas

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In-progress: Student input on DAMS sites

A short survey was given to 5 students to get initial reactions to two DAMS websites:

The goal was to get quick reactions to the visual design of the sites. More input and evaluations will be done sometime in the future.

In this post:

  • Screenshot reactions
  • Student comments

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Welcome to 2019

In 2019, my mantra is: Smaller posts and more of them.

What I plan to post about this year:

  • I will continue to post about completed projects and updates
  • Incomplete projects that are still in-progress
  • UX issues that will require future work
  • Updates from me — articles I’ve written, presentations, UX reflections

Please note these updated pages as well: