Updating Special Collections content, fall 2018

In fall 2018 I worked with Special Collections to update their non-finding aids web content.

During the process of moving the main website to WordPress in 2017, we updated a lot of content for accuracy and style.

We didn’t get a chance to work with Spec Coll during this process, so this has been long overdue.

In this post:

  • Pages we changed
  • Future work

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Who works in library UX?

Update: This post has been posted in the UH institutional repository. If you’d like to cite this, I’d recommend using that version

I ran a survey in 2017 to capture the state of the library UX field. I wanted to estimate how much UX has entered libraries in terms of location, number of employees, library type, and day-to-day work.

In this post:

  • Method
    • Identifying respondents
    • Survey deployment
  • Results
    • Libraries and locations
    • UX work
    • Organizational positions
    • Professional backgrounds
    • Demographics and salaries
  • Discussion
  • Limitations and further work

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