Usability testing, June 2017

Usability testing was recently conducted with 12 library users in MD Anderson Library.

A “user cafe” was set up in the MD Anderson Library lobby. Passers-by were enticed to complete the test with promises of free coffee and snacks after completion.

The test asked participants to complete 3 tasks using the Libraries main website,

In this post:

  1. Methods
    • Tasks given
  2. Results
    • Task results
    • Mistakes explained
    • Major observations
    • Participants
    • Why did they come to the library?
  3. Lessons learned
  4. Next steps

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Affinity mapping recent user interviews

A photo of a affinity map being created out of user interviews recently conducted with gradaute students
Recent user interviews with graduate students led to an affinity mapping exercise to analyze results

As part of the Libraries’ strategic plan roll-out, a project on graduate student online UX has been in the works for several months.

The project team is now in the process of analyzing user interviews with several graduate students by participating in affinity mapping exercises.

Observations from interviews have been extracted (yellow sticky notes) and organized by topic or theme (red, blue, and purple sticky notes).

This process allows researchers to organize notes and insights collected from interview data.

This project is on-going and more will be shared on this blog in the coming months.