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American Diabetes Month

Health Observance

November is American Diabetes Month. Diabetes occurs when the body either does not produce insulin (Type 1), or does not produce or use insulin very well (Type 2). In both instances, the result is high blood sugar levels.

According to the Centers for Disease Control (CDC), 15% of adults age 20 and over have diabetes. This is a disease that affects many members of the University of Houston community, whether directly or indirectly. It can be helpful to know where to find information that is geared toward multiple audiences on health topics like these.

To find trustworthy information about diabetes written for laypeople, visit This is a website produced by the National Library of Medicine which helps to take some of the guesswork out of searching for health information online.

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Those of you who are researchers, clinicians, or health sciences students may want to delve into the journal literature. We have the complete run of the journal Diabetes from the American Diabetes Association available online. You can also try searching PubMed with the MeSH term Diabetes Mellitus to find studies from a wide range of journals.

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