Remembering the USS Houston

A group of volunteers calling themselves “Team Houston” were among the thousands who arrived at Arlington National Cemetery on Saturday, December 12, 2015 to participate in the annual wreath-laying event for US veterans buried in the cemetery.


Chiefs of the USS Houston. From the digital collection USS Houston (CA-30) Photographs. Original materials are available at UH Libraries Special Collections in the Cruiser Houston Collection.

The group, including John Schwarz, executive director of the USS Houston CA-30 Survivors’ Association and Next Generations, laid wreaths at cemetery markers of the USS Houston CA-30 crewmen, and others. A permanent exhibition in the University of Houston MD Anderson Library tells the story of the USS Houston CA-30, a heavy cruiser launched in 1929, and her crew. Named for the city of Houston, the ship was both a peacetime favorite of President Franklin D. Roosevelt and flagship of the Asiatic Fleet during World War II.

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