LibGuides Upgrade

The new version of Research Guides is now available on the University of Houston Libraries’ website, with a much cleaner and more modern look and feel. Its layout has been restructured to include features that have been shown to improve usability, such as left-hand side navigation, increased whitespace, and vertically scrolling information.

The UH Libraries' Research Guides provide greater usability.

The UH Libraries’ Research Guides provide greater usability.

On the editing side, the new system has a centralized content repository that makes it much easier for librarians to reuse and edit frequently-needed information, and gives far greater flexibility in content placement. It also provides more robust statistics reporting that demonstrate how our users interact with guides, and how we might be able to improve them.

“Research Guides facilitate student success by providing 24/7, point-of-need online research support, tailored to individual courses and programs by their subject liaisons,” said Ashley Lierman, instructional design librarian. “The upgrade has not only made these resources more attractive and easier for students to use, it’s made guides easier for librarians to design, update, and monitor, which will help guides stay current with the latest resources and provide the most value to library users.”

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