September Student Art Exhibit

The William R. Jenkins Architecture & Art Library is pleased to present new art by student Isaac Farley, on display through October 2017.

Subcomandante by artist Isaac Farley. Screenprint.

Subcomandante by artist Isaac Farley. Screenprint.

Artist’s statement:

My work is a form of storytelling. I want to tell stories
of the lives of everyday people, like my family that is
made up of people who were and are workers, either on
ranches or in factories, and their desires, struggles, their
triumphs, and tribulations. Stories are rooted in oral
traditions and cave paintings and are the basis of human
history. When I try to tell a story without words, I think
in images. These images are influenced by movies, photography,
and other art, and are most readily translated
onto a two dimensional surface.

Often the work deals with America. Not so much what
America is or what it was, but the ideal, and myth of
America. America, the land of equal opportunity, where
the truth is spoken, justice is fair and even, and where
people live as they choose instead of what others impose
on them.

Duality appears often in my work as innate and inborn
opposing or balancing forces. People are simultaneously
advanced and primitive, capable of great acts of kindness
and cruelty, with the ability to create both great art and
terrible destruction.

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