UH Libraries Announces 2017-18 Microgrant Winners

UH Libraries announces the 2017-2018 Microgrant Program winners.

UH Libraries announces the 2017-2018 Microgrant Program winners.

The University of Houston Libraries has awarded funds to innovative project teams through the Microgrant Program.

Now in its 9th year, the Microgrant Program fosters new ideas in support of the Libraries’ Strategic Plan and the University’s goals.

Library staff submitted proposals for new services and programs which would benefit teaching, learning and research objectives of the UH community, and will collaborate in cross-departmental teams to implement their ideas.

The UH Libraries Microgrant Program winners for 2017-2018 are:

Project title: DIY Health Zine Saturday
Lisa Cruces, Rachel Helbing, Ariana Santiago, Emily Vinson, Anne Washington

DIY Health Zine Saturday is designed to raise awareness of zine collections available at UH Special Collections, the zine culture in Houston, and to empower students with skills on how to find credible consumer health information and share it through self-published magazines (“zines”). UH librarians from Special Collections and Health Sciences will create a research guide to facilitate access to health information resources and zines in Houston.

Project title: Library Movie Night
Jay Harkins, Emily Vinson

The UH Library Movie Night is a screening of classic films paired with relevant footage from the University Archives.

Project title: Serious Play at the Library
Melody Condron, Lee Hilyer, Christina Gola, Frederick Young

Lego Serious Play is a creative facilitation model that uses Lego bricks to solve problems and generate ideas. It is a hands-on model that encourages innovative thought and cooperation. The method can be used in the University classroom, professional meetings, retreats, or team-building exercises. The project will explore the value of the Serious Play facilitation model within libraries and at the University by hosting at least two events that use the kits for a variety of problem-solving activities.

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