New Resource Description Librarian at UH Libraries

Xiping Liu is the new resource description librarian at UH Libraries.

Xiping Liu is the new resource description librarian at UH Libraries.

The University of Houston Libraries congratulates Xiping Liu on her new role as resource description librarian.

Please describe your new role and talk about some of your professional goals and/or research areas.

As the new resource description librarian in Metadata and Digitization Services, my main responsibility is to create original MARC records for library materials in all different formats, including print/electronic books, serials, online databases, audio/visual products and also special collections materials. I will also create authority records for personal/corporate names down the road. Getting familiar with cataloging all the above-mentioned formats and helping my fellow catalogers to resolve complicated issues will be my goal.

As changes are coming in the field of traditional cataloging, people are debating/experimenting on moving away from traditional MARC into a linked data environment. I am interested in learning more about the linked data projects such as the Library of Congress BIBFRAME project and would like to experiment on transferring our own bibliographic records into linked formats.

Please share a bit about your background and interests. How do these inspire and shape your approach as a librarian?

I had my undergraduate major in English from Beijing Foreign Studies University in Beijing, China and received my MLIS from Rutgers University in New Jersey. I studied the principles of cataloging and classifications at library school but didn’t really have a chance to work with MARC until my first job as mainly a copy cataloger at Bristol-Myers Squibb Co. in New Jersey. My mentor at that time hands-on trained me on MARC and showed me step by step on how to use OCLC and the library integrated system. Both my library school professor and my mentor had passions in cataloging/MARC and you could easily tell from the way they taught and trained me. I think my respect for them made me want to become someone like them initially.

Cataloging/metadata is a job that requires lots of attention to detail and there is a world of rules to follow when you catalog an item. They may be complicated and difficult to learn but just like lots of other things in life, you need to have some patience and really get down to the bottom in order to achieve the best results. I think I can better appreciate this work now.

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