Townes Awarded Fellowship to Attend DLF Forum

Adam Townes

Adam Townes

Adam Townes, coordinator of research support services at the University of Houston Libraries, has been awarded a joint fellowship from the Association of Research Libraries (ARL) and Digital Library Federation (DLF) to attend the DLF Forum in November.

From the DLF announcement, Townes said, “My work at the University of Houston (UH) involves supporting faculty and graduate students with data management planning, addressing research-related inquiries, and coordinating with the Division of Research and Graduate School here at UH. I recently moved to Texas from Philadelphia where I completed my graduate studies. I look forward to actively participating in the DLF Forum, and it is my hope that other attendees can learn as much from me as I know I will learn from them.”

DLF Forums convene once a year and include digital library practitioners from DLF member institutions as well as those interested in joining the DLF community. Forums serve as a meeting place, a marketplace, and a congress.

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