ORCID: Helping Make Connections

Identify yourself and save time by getting an ORCID ID.

Identify yourself and save time by getting an ORCID ID.

ORCID IDs provide a persistent digital identifier that distinguishes one researcher from another. More precisely, an ORCID identifier reliably and unambiguously links scholars with their complete, correct, and current scholarly output. It is also very useful when integrated into key research workflows such as manuscript and grant submission since it supports automated linkages between researchers and their professional activities, thus ensuring that a researcher’s work is recognized. By integrating ORCID identifiers across the research workflow, the scholarly community will be better able to distinguish and track the unique contributions of individuals as authors, researchers, grantees, faculty, and inventors.

During 2016, a number of scholarly publishers have indicated that they will begin requiring ORCID IDs for corresponding authors at minimum. Publishers requiring ORCIDs include the Royal Society, IEEE, and the Science journals, to name a few. Further, a number of funding agencies have been requiring ORCID IDs since 2015 and include Autism Speaks, the Wellcome Trust, and the U.S. Department of Transportation. The potential exists for other publishers and funding agencies to follow suit and require researchers to have ORCID IDs. Additionally, over the last several years a number of grant and manuscript submission systems have adopted ORCID, providing researchers the opportunity to identify themselves with their ORCID ID.

It’s simple and fast to create one, and ORCID also connects to a variety of systems in the research workflow bringing the benefits of interoperability (i.e., savings of time and effort) to authors and researchers. So far, over two million researchers have registered for ORCIDs.

If you would like more information or assistance in creating an ORCID account, please contact Adam Townes, research support coordinator at the University of Houston Libraries, or your subject librarian.

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