New Coordinator of Digital Projects at UH Libraries

Bethany Scott is the new coordinator of digital projects in Special Collections at UH Libraries.

Bethany Scott is the new coordinator of digital projects in Special Collections at UH Libraries.

The University of Houston Libraries welcomes Bethany Scott, the new coordinator of digital projects in Special Collections.

Please describe your role at UH Libraries and talk about some of your professional goals and/or research areas.

As the coordinator of digital projects with Special Collections, I’m serving as a project manager and mediator between Special Collections and Metadata and Digitization Services, Web Services, and other stakeholders for the University of Houston Digital Library as we ramp up digitization of our rare books and manuscript collections. I am also taking on the role of digital archivist, developing processes and procedures to steward our digital archival materials and ensure they’re preserved and accessible into the future.

On that note, I’m a member of the Digital Asset Management System Implementation Task Force and the Digital Preservation Task Force, developing standards and workflows for our new digital preservation and access tools. There are some amazing, innovative initiatives going on here that I’m thrilled to be a part of!

Please share a bit about your background and interests. How do these inspire and shape your approach as a librarian?

Before I decided to get my Master of Science in information systems, I majored in painting and printmaking, and while I pursued my library degree I was very interested in the aspects of conservation and curation that go along with archival work. In collaborating with artists, researchers, and museum staff on campus at UT to develop information management plans and systems, I began to see the opportunities for digital libraries and repositories to play a role in preserving and improving the accessibility of art and cultural heritage collections. I love figuring out how digital assets and systems can work together to provide services and functions that weren’t possible before.

Also, in my previous role as cataloging and metadata librarian in a large public library system, I developed a strong service-oriented approach to librarianship. As a point person for technical projects, my goal is always to ensure that our digital systems and services provide an excellent experience to patrons – both in the public and my co-workers within the library.

Please describe your first impressions of the University of Houston.

As a native Houstonian with many friends and family who consider themselves Cougars, I’ve always appreciated the University of Houston. I think the first time I visited the library here was while working on a research project for one of my high school classes, and I was blown away by the excitement and energy of the students and faculty, and, of course, all the books! Now as a librarian here, I really appreciate the diversity of the campus and the enthusiasm everyone has for innovation and collaboration, both in the library and the wider UH campus community.

What is your favorite book/movie/cuisine/hobby?

My favorite author is Haruki Murakami, and Dance Dance Dance is one of my favorites of his. I’m not a big movie buff, but I do love Tarantino, gangster movies, and anything dark or gory. I love food a lot, especially Vietnamese food and BBQ, and some of my hobbies include knitting, practicing yoga, and hiking with my dog.

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