*UPDATE* UH1UP Challenge

Get the free Scavify app and join the UH1UP Challenge to win prizes!

To help University of Houston students get the most out of their academic experience, the UH Libraries has partnered with the UH Social Media team on the UH1UP Challenge scavenger hunt.

The UH1UP Challenge is a game designed to help UH students locate and learn about on-campus resources for academic and professional success, and to score prizes along the way.

To play, students need the free Scavify app, available for iPhone or Android. Starting September 8, students can access the app which lists a set of tasks to complete by November 14. More information on how to play can be found at the UH1UP page.

*UPDATED* To complete this task in the UH1UP Challenge, please go to any University of Houston library, and take a photo of your favorite section of the library.

 See all libraries here: http://info.lib.uh.edu/about/campus-libraries-collections

All players who complete all UH1UP tasks will qualify for a chance to win a grand prize. Grand prizes include a MacBook Air and five iPad Minis.

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