Hompeage Update

The library has made several change to the homepage search interface in order to improve the user experience. These changes were all based upon usability tests, Google Analytics, and user feedback. These changes included:

Update Style


Old Style



Make Database Tab Easier To Use


 Old Tab



Improve Search Assistance


Old Assistance 



Full List of Improvements:

  • Placing input prompts in the search boxes for better search assistance
  • Updating link language and adding help links when appropriate
  • Removing seldom used A to Z links on the e-Journals tab
  • Changing the tab title from “e-Journals” to “e-Journal Titles”
  • Adding subject dropdown list to the Research Guides tab
  • Updating style to make user selection and options more clear
  • Increase functionality of A to Z links on database tab.
  • Add subject browsing to database tab.



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