Dr. Jagdish Mehra Audio Collection

Dr. Jagdish Mehra Audio Collection

Dr. Mehra’s research in the history of 20th century physics has produced taped interviews with many famous scientists. The tapes compile discussions on physics, astrophysics, cosmology, quantum mechanics and quantum physics. Those interviewed include P.A.M. Dirac, W. Heisenberg, Richard Feynman, Julian Schwinger, Willis E. Lamb Jr., Murray Gell-Mann and numerous other Nobel Laureates and distinguished scientists. Other tapes record speeches by many Nobel Prize winners in physics and the humanities. The information included in these oral histories are not only vast but varied and unique.

Some of Dr. Jagdish Mehra’s literary works include; ‘The beat of a different drum: the life and science of Richard Feynman’, ‘The Historical Development of Quantum Theory’, and ‘Einstein, physics and reality’.

This first digital collection to go online consists of remastered audio tapes, transcripts and speaker biographies from a small portion of this unique oral history collection. It features speakers from the annual humanities series presented at the Southeastern Massachusetts Technological Institute (now the University of Massachusetts, Dartmouth).
Speakers include:

Check back throughout 2012 for these upcoming lectures, transcripts and biographies:

  • Paul A.M. Dirac – Development of the Physicists Conception of Nature.
  • John A. Wheeler – The Role of General Relativity.
  • Jurgen Ehlers – Nature and Structure of Space-Time.

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