Houston: The Magnolia City

Houston: The Magnolia City is now available in the Digital Library!

A collection of 9 published books (one of which spans 12 volumes) from the Houston Chamber of Commerce and other producers showing the progress of the city, its industry, and significant buildings. One booklet describes the building of the Gulf Building and includes lovely watercolor illustrations of the interior and exterior. Another series of books, Art Work of Houston, Texas, Published in Twelve Parts, was intended to describe and provide historical sketches of Houston from a strictly pictorial, artistic and non-advertising perspective. Published in 1904 it contains images of the neighborhoods, residences and buildings that made up the city of Houston at the time.  The Souvenir Album of Houston Texas is the oldest book with a known date in the collection. Published in 1891 it give the viewer a historic look at the prominent buildings in Houston.

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