The Big Shift Is Coming!

The Big Shift

With new shelving available on the 7th & 8th floors of the Blue Wing, and a very healthy start on the high-density shelving system in the basement, we are ready for The Big Shift. Beginning Monday, March 17th, we will start realigning the collections of the M.D. Anderson Library.

The project is easy to explain, but difficult to achieve. We will be arranging the entire general collection into call number order, starting with the “A”s. We will move the “A”s and “B”s to the 8th floor Blue Wing, winding our way down through the floors and wings of the entire building, finishing with the “Z”s on the 2nd floor. No more call number runs jumping from floor to floor.

At the same time, we will relocate all of the library’s bound journals to the compact shelving in the basement, again starting with the “A”s. The bound journals will begin in the far southeast corner of the basement. As this takes place, we will be affixing new labels to all bound journals, clearly identifying them now, and for ease of re-shelving. The collection will wind throughout the basement, eventually ending just to the left of the stairs.

This is a process that will take a year or more. Things will be in a constant state of motion. Once finished, we will have a library with a layout that is easy to understand and with room for growth.

Updates will be posted regularly to keep all informed of our progress. If you have any further questions about The Big Shift, feel free to contact Paul Sharpe at (713) 743-9714 or by e-mail:

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