Inorganic Crystal Structure Database Unavailable

Currently, the Inorganic Crystal Structure Database is unavailable. The library is working with the vendor to restore access.

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Why can’t I access Safari Tech Books?

Safari Tech Books has a 6 simultaneous user limit. If you cannot access your book at this time, please try again later.

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Literary Market Place-Access Problems

We are currently experiencing access problems to Literary Market Place, a database that provides publishing industry information.  We have contacted to publisher, and they are working to resolve the issue.  We will update this blog post when the resource is working again.  We apologize for the inconvenience.

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Intermittent Access Problems with DeGruyter eBooks

You may experience intermittent access problems with eBooks provided by the publisher, DeGruyter. The publisher is aware of the issue and is working with us to resolve the issue. If you are unable to access an eBook, try again later. We apologize for the inconvenience.

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Access problems to Knovel

The Knovel platform was upgraded on August 15. There are inherent access problems associated with the new platform and the authentication system the University of Houston Libraries utilizes. Knovel has not given a time-frame in which they expect these problems to be resolved. They have provided a temporary work around that might alleviate any potential access problems, but the temporary work around is not guaranteed.

If you are trying to access the Knovel platform, please create a My Knovel profile from On Campus and log in to it when trying to access content.

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Journal of Clinical Psychiatry – Technical Problems

The Host website of the Journal of Clinical Psychiatry,, is experiencing technical issues due to a move to new servers.  You may experience off and on access problems.  Their web department is aware of the problem and working quickly to resolve it.

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No Access to Journal “Revista de estudos da linguagem”

The e-journal “Revista de estudos da linguagem” is experiencing server issues and access to the journal is currently unavailable. We have reported this problem to the publisher.  Stay tuned for updates.

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ERIC Documents

Due to new privacy laws, some ERIC documents may be unavailable as electronic Full-Text directly from the ERIC database. You may see the following message:

Dear ERIC Community,

In early August we discovered that sensitive personally identifiable information appeared in some full text documents contained in the ERIC collection. Specifically, social security numbers and other highly sensitive information were found in multiple documents and in a way that could not easily be isolated. For that reason, we had to temporarily disable access to many full text documents.

Although these documents had been publicly available in microfiche for many years, the advent of Internet search engines has made it easier to find this information. Our number one concern is to ensure that any full-text documents we provide do not violate any individual’s privacy. We believe that if any of us were to have our privacy compromised by an ERIC document, we would want the same consideration.

We are seeking to restore access to documents as soon as possible. In order to restore access to ERIC, we have to check every document to see if it contains personally identifiable information. Due to the quality of many of the documents, a large portion of the search has to be done by hand. This is a large undertaking and we are in the process of hiring a team to help restore access in a fast and responsive manner. We hope to get this team in place by late September and releasing large numbers of ERIC documents by the end of October. We will continue to release documents after that point on a rolling basis.

To minimize the burden on our users, we will prioritize searching the documents that users request. If you would like to request a PDF to be returned online, please fill out this form. Documents will be returned on a rolling basis and may take several weeks, but we are working as fast as possible.

We are sorry for the inconvenience and want to thank you for bearing with us through this unexpected delay.

The ERIC Team


If you see the above message, please request your document through Interlibrary Loan.

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EBSCOHost Display Issues

There have been several problems regarding the display of EBSCOhost database.  You may see a “Error in HttpHandler” error when trying to connect to EBSCOhost databases.

To resolve this error, please see the How do I clear the history, cache, and cookies in my browser? FAQ. You may need to shut down your browser after you do this step. Also, try a different browser. Please note: EBSCOhost databases are incompatible with Google Chrome.

This is a on going problem with EBSCOhost databases and EBSCO is working on trying to fix this problem.

We apologize for any inconvenience.

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CougarNet Account: New Information

You will now be able to change your CougarNet password from off campus!

This means that users who receive new CougarNet accounts (this includes sponsored accounts) no longer need to physically come to campus to change their initial password from a computer configured for CougarNet domain.  However, because they do not know the password, they must update/change their password before the account can be used.

Once the password has been updated or changed online via the Computer Account Management (CAM) site, customers can directly use library services, AccessUH, VPN services, etc immediately.  To use the CAM site, customers will need to know their myUH ID number (PeopleSoft Number).

All other features about the CougarNet account will remain the same, i.e.:

  1. Please change your password at:
  2. Customers will be locked out of their CougarNet account after 5 failed attempts.  The account will be unlocked after 30 minutes of non-usage of the CougarNet account.
  3. Customers are still required to use a strong password for this system, see
  4. Passwords expire every 90 days
  5. Passwords are case sensitive
  6. Customers cannot use their UserID, First, Middle, or Last name as part of their password
  7. Account creation and password resets will still take 10 minutes from time of submission. To access the library, you will have to wait 30 minutes after you change your password.
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